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  1. Shoot 2 Thrill's Pete Boden Was Getting Right Where He Needed To Be For The Best Shots

    In talking with Pete after the poker run in Boyne, he said the chopper pilot was a very good pilot and could put it wherever the video cameraman and Pete wanted it. There was a couple times it was behind the root of the big cats it was so low to the water .....
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    A link to Pete's thread where he is putting up some of his shots from the run. ...

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  2. Boyne Thunder 2014 was awesome!

    As the sun set on Friday evening, the 22 Avanti in the forefront was waiting in anticipation of running with the big cats behind it in its very first poker run. Boyne is certainly a great place to begin a career....

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  3. Boyne Thunder, Almost Time For The Northern Michigan Extravaganza

    Many of the boats are already arriving to participate in what will be the largest Boyne Thunder Poker Run event ever. Capped this year at 100 boats, instead of 75 as in previous years, this will be a test of the organizations skills at putting on a first class poker run as they have always been able to do.

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    Hope to see you there.

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  4. Seebold Demonstrates F1 Boat at Lake Race

    Tim Seebold was also at the Lake Race and doing demonstrations in his NGK F1 boat between races. I ran out wirth one of the pace boats to deliver the checkered flag to the start/finish boat for the second race on Saturday so got to get an up-close view.

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  5. Lake of the Ozarks Lake Race, 2014

    Had a good time at the Lake Race. Fir only its second year a well planned and well orchestrated event. The Run Whatcha Brung class was as exciting as it was in Biloxi, with Cat Can Do edging out Cleveland Construction by 1/2 point after two days of racing. No big deal, right? After all, it's only an $8000 difference between first and second!!

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