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    Lake Ni****ing July 25th
    Who is going?

    I will be there running my first poker run. I'm pretty excited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ar15meister View Post
    Who is going?

    I will be there running my first poker run. I'm pretty excited.
    Sweet! Good luck on the run. Where do you launch from? North Bay?
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    What is the name of the Lake?
    Getting bad advice is unfortunate, taking bad advice is a Serious matter!!
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    N i p i ss ing
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    Don't know yet Adam. Still trying to get my d a m boat put together and get some breakin time on it. Don't think a PR makes a very good shake down cruise
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    North Bay Blast for Nady July 25th
    July 25th, 2009 - Lake Nipi ssing, North Bay
    Holmes & Pellerin Realty North Bay Blast for NADY
    In Benefit of Ni****ing Association for Disabled Youth
    Discounted Rate for First Time Club Members

    In order to participate in a Performance Boat Club Event, a club membership form must be filled out (download form here) and the membership fee of $100.00 prior to/or on the day of the event. Since this is the first time that the club has operated an event up in North Bay, we felt that it was a great opportunity to expand our membership. As such for first time members to the club for the North Bay event only we are offering a discounted rate of $100.00 off the registration fee.

    * Early Bird $375.00 discounted to $275.00
    * Regular (after the 22nd of July) $450.00 discounted to $350.00

    Accommodations and Dinner/awards:

    Inn on the Bay
    340 Main Street West
    North Bay, Ontario
    P1B 9V1
    Fax: 705-495-6381

    Hotel: 1.877.937.8483, or e-mail your request to:
    Google Map

    Marina and Boat launch
    Waterfront Marina City Of North Bay
    Memorial Dr, North Bay, ON P1B 4G6
    (705) 495-2031
    Google Map
    Event Itenarary

    8:00-9:00 am Registration at Marina Office side window.
    9:00-9:45 am Drivers meeting at the North Bay Marina shop side window.
    9:45/10:15am Gather out front of North Bay Marina off Government Dock.

    10:30 -10:50am GPS Co-ordinates N46 18.675 W079 28.221 15.3 miles
    Start at Government Dock . Destination - Island 196 French River arriving at 10:50 am
    First group of boats lead by Alex in black 43 Nortec V Hull 4 -300hp
    Second group leave 5 minutes later.

    NOTES: Rally Point at the mouth of the French to align the group prior to proceeding to the first check pint Riverview Lodge. Crossing Lake Ni****ing via the Manitou Islands. No obstacles between North bay and the Manitou Islands. Boats can run 5-6 across. Approaching the French River, boats must respect the channel markers in particular Green Buoy D9 which should be on the right. There are major shoals in this area.

    11:05am GPS Co-ordinates N46 12.526 W080 00.607 9.5 miles
    Boats depart Island 196 French River single file, destination
    11:20am Riverview Lodge arriving

    NOTES: Boats should run single file down the French River. Follow all navigation markers as major rocks and shoals exists in these areas. Gas is available at this check point.

    11:30 am GPS Co-ordinates N46 08.091 W080 00.607 27.2 miles
    Boats depart Riverview Lodge, destination Callander Bay Government Dock arriving 12:20 pm for lunch,

    NOTES: Return via French River-same Route single file until out on the mouth along the south shore of the lake , boats can run 5-6 across until the approach to Callander Bay. Channel markers and other navigational aids must be followed when entering the Bay. Once in the Bay, the area is clear of hazards. Gas is available at this location. Large boats park at inside of Government dock and raft off each other, deck boat to pick you up to get to main land. Smaller boats can park at the ďTĒ inside docks.

    12:30pm GPS Co-ordinates N46 13.236 W079 22.124
    Lunch at Lu Luís Resturant Callander Bay

    2:00pm GPS Co- N46 13.236 W079 22.124 22 miles
    Boats depart Callander Bay, Destination Iron Island arriving 2:30pm

    NOTES: Follow same route out of Callander Bay. Clear run to Iron Island as long as boats do not run to close to the Goose Islands and stay mainly in the open water. Do not get to close to the south shore when approaching Iron Island. Rocks are marketed with navigational aids

    2:40pm GPS co-ordinates N46 15.673 W079 53.554 18.5 miles
    Boats depart Iron Island, Destination return to North Bay Government Dock arriving 3:15pm

    NOTES: Boats will run west after Iron Island and double back through Wigwam and return east behind Sandy Island. The entrance to Wigwam is a narrow channel through a reed bed and the lake is generally very shall ie. under 15 feet. The route is clean -no weed beds and all rocks are clearly marked. Boats should run single file until they reach open water at the mouth of the French. Proceed across the lake via Manitou Islands boats can run 5 and 6 across.

    3:30pm GPS Co-ordinates N46 18.675 W079 28.221
    Arrive Government Dock North bay Marina

    Free Time Hang Out

    7:00pm Dinner at Inn on the Bay Top Floor
    Awards and silent auction
    Emergency numbers:

    OPP 911 or Marvin Miller 705-495-3878 or 1-888-310-1122
    North Bay City Police 705-472-1234
    Fire -911 or North Bay Fire Department Ferguson Street station 705-474-5662
    North Bay General Hospital 705-474-8600
    Ambulance- 911
    North Bay Waterfront Marina 705-495-3959
    Safety Contacts:

    Mike Holmes 705-845-1059
    Carl McBride 705-323-4105
    Raymond Roberts 705-321-8783
    Eric Thomsen 705-499-1851 in Ken Jensenís Boat
    Tim Bremner 705-499-8999 on Alecís Boat
    Dr Mike Leckie 705-495-9449 (medical) on Alecís Boat
    Pace Boats

    Alec Cloke 416-809-6200 (55mph class pace boat)
    Ken Jensen 416-618-9140 (over 55mph pace boat)

    Take a Look at the North Bay Blast for Nady Poster with a Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsp View Post
    Sweet! Good luck on the run. Where do you launch from? North Bay?
    I am launching at my buddy's place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airpacker View Post
    Don't know yet Adam. Still trying to get my d a m boat put together and get some breakin time on it. Don't think a PR makes a very good shake down cruise
    Have you heard whether or not alot of guys are coming?

    I wonder what the boat count is...??
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    ask Karl
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    just called and he said they havent gone over it all yet but it is looking like it will be a pretty good turnout.

    I am trying to figure out whether to leave the boat at the marina or at my buddy's place for the weekend.
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    Is your buddy driving or throttling Adam?
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    We will probably switch it up.
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    I see the last leg goes down Wigwam channel and the south side of Sandy Island right past my place. I'll wave to you.
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    called the marina 10 times and no answer for docking.

    what a pain in the butt.
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    Adam, I'll give a call down to the marina this morning and see whats up and get back to you.
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    thanks man.

    I keep calling, no answer and then it seems to go to a fax machine sound.
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    Adam, the google business listing has the wrong number posted.Here is the correct number:
    North Bay Waterfront Marina 705-495-3959
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    we decided to keep the boat at the camp anyways and shoot over on Saturday morning before the run.
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    Looks like an awesome run! Have fun guys!
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    Would this club come east to the Kingston part of the river for an event?

    We dont have anything other than one big big run that Power Boating Canada has at Kingston once a year.

    There is another one in Alex Bay too but stupid what you have to do when you cross the border so we dont go any more.

    I go with my uncle and two cousins and we all chip in for Kingston.
    Kingston is really good.
    I do some work in the town and I hear them planning for it in April!
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