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    But of course....No Adventure of Mine, cannot be a true Adventure...Unless something stoopid happens....

    I was worried that My Van wouldn't fit in the Art Deco Style Parking Garages available at Miami Beach...So's I borrowed a Buddy's Mini Van...It was fine in the Keys...but on the Turnpike I was introduced to all

    kinds of Shimmering, Shaking, and Violent Noises.....But it got Me there...(By the way..The Parking Garage attached to the Convention Center was plenty Big for Monster Trucks)

    The real fun began as I was leaving....I was given two Keys...One for the ignition, and one for the Door Locks.....Neither would open the Doors....So I Called a couple of local Locksmiths....No One available...

    I ended up Looping My belt through the back Tilt out Window, and broke the little strap that holds it in place...Then I held the Window out as far as it would go, and the Young Skinny Parking Lot Attendant wiggled through...

    Of course the Window EXPLODED...But didn't cut Anyone......Anyway, Kid Crawled through and unlocked the Door....I gave Him $40 for helping...The delay put Me right into Rush Hour Traffic and reminded Me why I Drink.....

    Looking at $150 or so to replace the Window......I could've Rented a Convertible Mustang with all the Bells and Whistles, and been Money ahead....I think I'll take the Bus to Marathon in April...and I'd better leave soon.

    Photo of the Kids Feet while Slipping in...Click image for larger version. 

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    That poor mini van
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