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    Mercury Marine and Nor-Tech High Performance Boats continue to strengthen relationship
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    The partnership between Mercury Marine and Nor-Tech High Performance Boats goes all the way back to the boat company's inception.

    "We always say Mercury Marine started with this company, the first boat we had was the triple 525 super chargers," said Trond Schou, owner of Nor-Tech High Performance Boats. "We went from one engine program to the other. We are building two boats a week now and most of them have three or four Verado 350 or 400hp outboard engines."

    Since Mercury's release of the Verado 350hp and the Mercury Racing 400R at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show, Nor-Tech has been flooded with calls from boaters who want to be part of the family.

    "Our customers are really excited about Mercury Marine and Nor-Tech together," said Fritz Harrington, Nor-Tech High Performance Boats customer service manager. "The performance, reliability and durability meet our application. Our product line works well with the Verado 350 and 400R, and our customers are really excited about it."

    I just ordered a pair of 350's. If you knew me over the last 15 years, you would think I was lying to you because I was such a fan of the competitor," said Stuart Clark, an Alabama-based professional angler. "When you are running 150 miles and you get there two hours before the rest of the boats do, the fish aren't scared off yet. That is a testament to what we are saying. The naysayers are the ones that came in second or third.

    "Mercury has the power of reliability to make your dreams come true," said James Piteo of Grander Marine. "Mercury Marine means a lot to me. Im a down home, Southern guy. (Mercury) is made in America, parts are available anytime and customer service is spot on."

    See more about how the relationship has evolved in this new video:
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    I wonder what Nor-Tech is bringing to Miami?
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