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    2011 Nortech 43V shower question
    My shower sump pump must not be working because the floor fills up with water in the head. Any ideas how to fix or even to get at the pump or float switch. JUST A THOUGHT ??? Is the pump connected to the head exhaust blower which might have to be on so pump can run also ?????? Haven't tried that yet.
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    I don't know anything about the setup in a 43 Nor-Tech. In the BT, the shower drain goes through a hose into the pump station (with float) that is over under the stairs coming from the cockpit to the cabin. I did have to replace it for the same reason you are talking about, but if yours is similar, it could be the hose, the pump, or the flaot mechanism.

    Give Nor-Tech a call if you can't find it. Their customer service is pretty good from all of our friends input who have Nor-Techs.

    nor-tech :: Contact Us
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