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    As you all know I tow boats almost every day, You would be surprised as to how many of these trailers hauling big very expensive boats have their brakes inop. From my end I just have to deal with it and drive with a lot of caution. If I tell the customer that I can't haul his boat because the brakes don't work some will say don't worry Ill give it to someone else. Others will say Ill get it fixed once it gets to where it is going. Other than brakes most trailers are in pretty good shape most of the time. The other problem is trailers that sit with new tires for years and the customer says the tread is bran new yet the sidewalls have cracks from the heat and just roll 10 miles and they will come apart. Lately most owners realize this and will have me throw on all new tires. Remember changing out 6 tires at a tire shop is cheaper than road service for one tire.
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    I have surge. But I want to convert to EOH.
    (You towed mine from Miami to Delaware once almost ten years ago.)

    Tires I replaced about four years ago. Probably will go one more year before I do 6 new ones.
    I did add a spare rim/tire to the rig and a toolbox with all emergency stuff, straps, chains, jacks.
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    I will never under any circumstance tow a trailer with flood brakes, subsequent to viewing the actuator switch neglect to move discloses to me it's an extremely imperfect framework

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