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    Chevy Tahoe
    Guys - thinking about getting one of these. Would be used to tow by lil 245 Baja during the summer as needed. Primarily used for my wife and our "main" car.

    Any pros and cons that you guys have had?

    Thanks! Mike
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    I think it would pull a 245 fine. Probably better if you stick around home. My wife has an 03' Tahoe but I am not sure I would pull my 260 ZT Checkmate with it. My Durmax pulls that boat like a dream. I don't think I will ever go back to a gas truck, but that is just my opinion. I think you could get by with it.
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    You will have no problem towing with the Tahoe if it is the V8 with the tow package. Or possibly the 6 cylinder with the tow package.

    I tow my 24 Empress with my Trail Blazer with a 6 no problem.
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    Towing not so much worried about. Towing capacity if north of 8k and my boat wet with trailer is around 6 on a heavy day.

    Bigger question has anyone here had any good and bad experiences with them? I have not owned a GM vehicle as I have always owned Ford's.

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    I have a 2008 LTZ and love it, great everyday driver and tows things well.
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    Tahoe will be a great tow/everyday truck. Used my 01 for years towing a 24 skater.
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