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    "Still Crazy" Raceboat
    On eBay today, Cadillac McDaniels has a 1965 Bertram Moppie for sale, in the photos is the Still Crazy Velocity. Only a couple of photos, but still could be a great resto project! Sorry I don't have the link.
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    some pretty cool stuff right there, wonder what the story is on the little twin cat lookin thing. I think i remember T2x talking about a race series years ago that had something like that.
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    Throttles- Cleveland Construction/Traffic Light Racing 377 Talon cat
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    That looks like it could be an old Powercat, very cool boat.
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    I remember a video showing Still Crazy running.. They ran it hard.

    The name certainly fit the boat.
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    Check out the X on this thing. Those drives would be BURIED.
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