• Brian and Vinnie's Big "What the Heck" ?

    Brian and Vinnie in Brian's Marker 17 Mod Vee had a very interesting day on Sunday.

    We will try to find out the exact sequence, but it certainly looked like the drive broke off while running down the stretch causing the boat to spin out.

    See what you think?

    When I was talking with Brian and Vinnie at the Awards Banquet they said it was really weird. They lost the drive while going straight. All of a sudden, no power or steering.

    They also were a bit surprised that Miklos missed them and they didn't go over.

    Then Vinnie said it was so rough that he had to lay on the bow to get hooked up, couldn't walk or stand out there.

    And they were very lucky that the drive shaft stuck in the transom assembly. Otherwise they would have sunk.

    And on the outside of them, Kildahl's had to make a right to miss, on on their outside Britt had to make a right to miss Kildahl's. From what the two of them said after, the distance between the two boats was about 2" of water.......

    A whole lot going on all at once.

    They got the boat hooked up to a tow boat, and made it back without sinking.

    They even found the drive later!

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