• Tracy "Wrinkleface" Nemecek, RIP Bud

    Lost one of my best friends Sunday, someone whom many of you also knew as a good friend. Tracy "Wrinkleface" Nemecek passed away Sunday afternoon after a few days in the hospital. He had fallen and hit his head hard. It caused internal hemorrhaging, which they could not correct in time. I had just spoken with him a couple days before the accident. I am sure gonna miss the crazy guy, as many of you will also. I'm putting up some pictures of different times in his life that we had the opportunity to share. I hope all of you add thoughts and pictures.

    Tracy and Connie's Nor-Tech 47 with twin Ilmor's

    Way back, even though we had chatted on-line on Offshore Only, then on Serious Offshore after we started the new site, we did not meet Wrink and Connie until Key West, 2009. That was the first time we spotted his unique style of dress

    The 43 Nor-Tech with triple 525's Wrink had when we first met.

    Did I say "Unique" style of dress?

    So one year, at the Boyne Thunder poker run, Brooks comes up with the great idea of a bunch of us who were Wrink's friends to dress in the "Unique" Wrink style. He was a bit surprised to say the least. A picture that will live in infamy.......

    One of Wrink's greatest enjoyments was helping the kids of Camp Quality through his association with Boyne Thunder. Every year he would donate boat rides to childrern, and their families, who may of never had an opportunity to have that kind of an experience.

    Here is a quote from Wrink after he gave Parker a ride, and actually let him drive, at one event.

    "Parker, 1 of the Camp Quality kids wheel'n the NT as Connie throttled & Doc T sported as port side ballast! Priceless! Look at that young mans face!!!If that doesn't get ya, U need help!!!!" Tracy Wrinkleface

    For many years he was one of the Boyne Thunder poker run's key personnel, gave the rides, did a pre-run speech, and was a Pace boat/Patrol boat.

    REO Speedwagon was his favorite group, and we went to watch them several times with Wrink and Connie. This was one time in Vegas.

    The wedding was a very special event. They were an outstanding match as a couple. We feel so sorry for Connie and what she is going through. Obviously many of us will be there to help in any way she needs it.

    "Roll'n w/the Changes" said it all for Wrink.

    A couple months ago on Valentines Day.

    I am really gonna miss the guy. When he walked in the room, everyone knew about his arrival in a very short period of time as many of you know. And how many times, when he called and you were unable to answer, did you get the message with the "Punk" or "Asshole", "Answer your phone"!

    As you think about it, and remember some of the times you had talking and running around with Wrink, please add your thoughts and photos to this thread. I'm going to follow with some pictures and thoughts myself of times we had to visit with Wrink and Connie. He may be gone, but he will certainly never be forgotten.
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      Quote Originally Posted by fund razor View Post
      I was falling asleep last night and my phone rang. I didn't look at the number, but something told me not to check it. I knew it was something I did not want to hear. Turns out it was Paul with the news. I was right. It was not something I wanted to hear. I met Wrink on OSO but first actually met him at his house in Charlevoix in 2007. I was like "Holy ****. This guy stalks REO Speedwagon." lol. Same time I met A few people I consider friends now, including Blue Oval. Fast forward fifteen years and his old silver "Boo" Malibu is sitting in my driveway as our second car. Hand me down of sorts. And I just got the smell of the dog out.

      My thoughts are with Connie.

      Rest easy Bubba.
      First time I met T and George was at your house, that was a fun evening.....
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      I tried to meet up with him last weekend, left a bottle of crown and a birthday card hanging off his doorknob, He was a good friend and good people and will be truely missed.

      We went out to dinner at the Landing last summer after Boyne Thunder and managed to get my 85 year old dad trashed lol. So many good memories hanging out with him.
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      Connie has sent the info for the remembrance events:

      Mortensen Funeral Home
      209 State Street
      Charlevoix, MI

      Visitation at 10:00 AM on Friday May, 6th with Memory Sharing at 11:00 AM.
      Followed by lunch at the Weathervane.

      She would be pleased to see all of you.
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      From 2009 SOS Party at Guy Harvey's...On a side note..Look how skinny the Rat was.

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      That jump off the Stratosphere looked crazy
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      So sad! Could not believe it when I got the text from Paul yesterday. Meet Wrink I think 15 - 16 ish years ago at the ramp next to Irish. Great person. I was never real close to him, but always had great laughs every time we would run into him at Boyne. Seems look yesterday watching the wedding. We always looked forward to seeing him. Going to be missed dearly, our thoughts go out to Connie.

      RIP Punk
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      So... just checking... he never drove "alone" right? He always had one of us on the phone?
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      Im headed up after work tomorrow....
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      Dr. Pete is going to be the speaker. That is a really good choice. Wrink and Pete did a lot together.
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      Drunk dialing Dave Stecz around midnight.
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      Teaching George how to play drums.

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      Patriyacht, Fund, Wrink, Connie, Phragle.
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      Few have exhibited a similar command of a laptop.
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      I will think of you every time I drive your old Buti!
      Like fund said, we just got the dog smell out! Can't say the same about the hair!
      I know you pulled my hair!
      I love you. Rolling with the changes.. ❤️✝️✝️
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      Bobcat -
      I'm a little slow to respond tragedy....Outside of My Nephew Who died at 21....Almost Everyone I know that Passes away is always extremely Old, or is ill for a long time..and You're just

      waiting for the bad news.....I Met Tracy at the 2008 KW Worlds SOS Party at Turtle Kraals ( My Home away from Home) ...and mistakenly gave Him My phone Number

      I'll put $50 on the line to Charity...That He had Butt Dialed Me more than any other Human in Modern History...Anyone....

      One time I answered the Phone...and He said..."What's up Numbnuts? I don't have time to talk right now" and He hung up

      Another time he called Me as I was walking in Winn-dixie...and We discussed Alcantera Upholstery for 30 Minutes...Which neither of Us had.

      When the Miami Boat Show was still in Miami Beach...I always met Him and Brooks ...and They always had a Beer for Me..

      His favorite phrase was "GFYS" and Fund would always point out that it should be "GFY" as Yourself was one Word....

      I picture You up in Heaven....Your Knee in the middle of another Angels Chest...Removing the wrong Tooth...Love Ya Buddy...Rest easy.