• Are Ancient Gods of Greek Mythology Coming to St Clair?

    In what’s being billed as the “Clash of the Titans” at the St Clair River Classic this coming weekend, all offshore performance boating fans should have an opportunity to see something that hasn’t been seen for quite some time; multiple classic race and performance boats of historical importance on the race-course at one time. We are hoping the turnout will meet, or even exceed, the 12 total Titans in Greek mythology. As of this writing, it seems to be possible.

    This “Clash of the Titans” was the brain child, (maybe after a few beers?), of Roland “Smitty” Smith, OPA’s President. Matt Soper who races his Classic Cigarette “Old School” in OPA’s Class 4 and is only a few points out of first place for the season, and Nick Smith, (one of Smitty’s son’s), then went to work to put it together. Bill Currier, from the Blue Water Offshore Racing Association who is hosting the OPA race in St Clair, also worked closely on the project. Matt will be running “Old School” in the “Clash” event. Also Smitty, possibly Nick, or maybe Smitty’s other son Anthony, will be participating in their Classic 32’ Viper “WAZZUP” in the event.

    One of the boats who has committed, Allez Vite, (French for “Go Fast”), has always stood out in my memory as one of my favorite videos to watch and recommend to others who may not have seen it. An incredible offshore statement of what an old school Apache 41’ is capable of in rough offshore water.

    Some of the other boats committed at this time that will do their best to participate:

    “Warpath”, a 42’ Chief designed and built by offshore Apache throttleman legend Bobby Saccenti. This boat has participated in numerous races overseas, including the infamous Cowes Torquay Cowes, possibly the most brutal offshore race still in existence. They currently may be the rightful owner of the Harmsworth Trophy, an offshore trophy over 100 years old. Gar Wood held that trophy 9 times in the 1920’s. The boat also won the Guernsey Gold Cup.

    “Predator”, another Classic 41’ Apache, has also committed. They also race in OPA’s Class 4, and as of this writing barely lead “Old School” by just a few points. They most recently won the class in the Sarasota race.

    John’s Cigarette Hawk has also committed, a beautifully restored classic Cigarette which has done duty as an OPA Official Pace Boat over several years.

    Another classic, Dave’s “Endangered Species” aluminum Cougar Marine catamaran. Plus, “Endangered Species” will have Steve Curtis, whose father was the founder of Cougar Marine, in the cockpit running with Dave!

    And yet another classic, Bryan’s 1979 36’ Cigarette Wide Body.

    Some others who may be there: Josh with his 36’ Pantera, Rick with his 1986 Cigarette Hawk, John with his 28’ Apache, and Sam with his 38 Vice Scarab.

    Twelve gods (or are all boats female, so all goddesses?) on the water at one time, who are not from Greek mythology? We can all certainly hope this comes to fruition, and that no Kracken’s arise from the depths!
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    1. rschap1's Avatar
      rschap1 -
      Sounds like an awesome show ! ! !
    1. rschap1's Avatar
      rschap1 -
      So who is going?
      Who has been?
      Tips, tricks, hints...?
      Places to watch, places to park, things to avoid??
      Thanks in advance !!
    1. Ratickle's Avatar
      Ratickle -
      I am not sure exactly how it will be setup this time. There is no coinciding carnival, so that should give a lot more room for the pits, but they are having live entertainment. They block off the main street and detour around it for the event. So, if you are arriving from the north you would turn west at the street detour, then turn south following the detour, then turn towards the river again and start looking for a parking spot. Many homes have parking on their lawns and charge.

      You can see the most of the course from either in front of the St Clair Inn, or the park in front of the pits just to the south of the St Clair Inn. I do not know how that will be this year because the St Clair Inn was sold and completely remodeled with the new ownership. They may have yard police or something.

      Parking will depend on how much they cut off for the pits. Typically, depending on when you arrive, parking is best on the back streets west of the pits/main street, or paid parking in the parking lot on the west side of the mall behind the pits.

      It should definitely be less crowded with no carnival event.

      When are you going over? I'll be there Saturday and can update from what I see there on Saturday evening.
    1. rschap1's Avatar
      rschap1 -
      Thanks big time for all that.
      We have been planing to leave real early Sunday morning getting there 9 or so.
      Wife was mentioning hotel overnight Saturday now.
      See what everyone else says here shortly.
      So maybe Saturday night
      Probably early Sunday

    1. Ratickle's Avatar
      Ratickle -
      Hotels are tough to find. Check Port Huron as probably the closest if anything left.
    1. rschap1's Avatar
      rschap1 -
      I will pass that on to the family too.
    1. Ratickle's Avatar
      Ratickle -
      Looks like Josh may make it too!!!

    1. rschap1's Avatar
      rschap1 -
      That's some air

      Should be headed that way soon
      Hoping it stays dry
      Forecast shows chances of rain right at the wrong times
      Fingers crossed ! ! !