• Desert Storm 2019 and Skater Powerboats

    It's the time of year for the first major performance boating event of the Spring. Desert Storm, at Lake Havasu in Arizona, is one of the premier events anywhere in the nation for performance boats of all manufacturers to show off their style and speed. One of those manufacturers is Skater Powerboats by Douglas Marine. Skaters have won numerous speed titles and Best In Show awards at previous events.

    A new Skater, not even rigged yet, will be on display at the street party this year. Make sure to stop by and see this new custom 28' Skater Wide-Load model.

    This 28' boat has an amazing 64" wide tunnel, and a vast overall beam of 9'11".

    Tony Cutsuries, Skater's National Sales Manager, will be spending time near the boat to talk with current Skater owners, and new potential customers. If you want to take a peek at a true wide-hull custom performance boat, swing by and take a look. It will also be on a custom Skater tilt trailer.

    On that same line of thought, another Skater custom piece will be holding the new DCB M44 "Bananas XL". DCB contracted with Skater to build the custom tilt trailer holding the sweet M44. Take a look at a sweet trailer holding a sweet boat.

    Some other questions pertaining to Skaters at the show will be; Will the Swoops Dial 911 boat, last years King and Queen of the Desert winner, make an appearance?

    Or maybe Vern's Predator 1, class winner at both the Texas Outlaw Challenge and LOTO Shootout in 2017?

    And possibly the beautiful hydraulic opening canopied Skater, previous Desert Storm Best of Show winner, of the Colledgewood's?

    Whatever Skater's show up for the event, you can be sure they will be custom, one-of-a-kind boats that will be competitive in both looks and performance. Enjoy yourselves.
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