• West Michigan Offshore's Rock the Coast 2018

    The WMO Muskegon Powerboat Weekend's Poker Run was almost a Deja Vu all over again. The forecast was calling for rain and possible thunderstorms, just like in June. Because of the conditions, the helicopter had to be cancelled at the last possible minute before it had to leave its home airport to arrive for the scheduled photo shoot with Pete Boden of Shoot 2 Thrill Pix. But, even though there were weather issues, almost 40 of the 100 plus registered boats decided to do the run from Grand Haven to lunch at the Boat Werks waterfront restaurant in Holland.

    Leaving Holland's Lighthouse Behind

    Heading Out Grand Haven Channel

    Although the plan was for the boats to run north to White Lake for the beginning of the helicopter photo shoot, then south to the Holland lunch stop, everybody turned south due to the rain and thunderstorms forecast throughout west Michigan.

    Those who did run, had a blast. The water was calm enough for everybody to have a pretty smooth ride. It was too smooth for photographers (me) to catch any big air shots. But, thanks to some drivers watching for wakes and small swells to catch a little air, a few pretty good shots were captured.

    And let's face it, high performance offshore boats look good at speed even if the water is flat.

    Of course, if you have to boat in the rain, this may be the best option!!

    Now, if you have a problem with your boat in a run, this appears to be the best group to have behind you. First there was an issue with the Ward's 46 Black Thunder. (He had the part on board to fix it, did so, and then came to lunch). Then there was an issue with the Wesseldyk's Cougar. (He didn't have the part so idled 9 miles at 9 MPH to lunch on one engine. Yes, he was late). Both times they checked to see if help was needed. Awesome boaters!!! (I have more pics of them than anyone else because they had to pass us three times.

    Then on to lunch at Boatwerks in Holland. There was a great turnout, way more than I expected. It seemed as if almost everybody who could not make the trip by boat, due to the weather, made it by car.

    After lunch those of us who came by boat had to make the run back to Grand Haven or elsewhere. On the way out, across Lake Macatawa, it really started to come down. But, that certainly did not dampen the spirits of most all, and certainly did not cause this smile to diminish!!

    And on out the channel to Lake Michigan.

    And then the runs for everyone back to their place of departure. And, because it was raining, only a couple people went into Port Sheldon, but they didn't stay.

    Interestingly, when we got back to Grand Haven, the weather was hot and sunny. My vehicle temp said 84 when I left GH to drive home. But, when I passed Port Sheldon on my way, it was raining and the temp said 75.

    Overall, the best possible outcome for a day when the weather decided to throw a curve. And, as texted to me; "The WMO board were very impressed and thankful with the turnout considering the circumstances. It says a lot about the resilience and attitudes of the membership to make such a great day out of something which could have been viewed as a failure due to the cards dealt".

    More photos from the run are on the forum thread, here: http://seriousoffshore.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=27077
    And more will continue to be added as I get time to go through them.
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