• Luck, Skill, Divine Intervention, or ???????

    Well, we've been going to Boyne Thunder as a group of friends now for three years. Brooks and Mickie, Carl and Diane, Tracy and Connie, Terri and I all got together for the first time at the 2012 Boyne Thunder event. At dinner we always go for a big round table for us to sit at so we can chat with each other and tell stories about the run while we wait for the poker hands to be revealed. After this weekends event, we were thinking about things and decided we were the luckiest table in the history of poker runs.

    Our first year as a group, Carl and Diane won the second place prize for having the second best hand.

    Then last year we all got together again, Morgan joined us for the first time too, and Carl and Diane won second place in the Stereo Wars and First Place overall for having the best hand....

    Now 2014 Boyne Thunder comes along, and Rob joins us for the first time. We're all sitting around the table and guess what? Rob wins with the overall best hand!!!!!

    And, Morgan wins the best hand in the 50/50 raffle!!

    So, after thinking about this, I called Brooks and told him my theory about how we were the luckiest table of friends ever to participate in poker runs. After reviewing my historical data, he decided that we were not all that lucky, that it was divine intervention from the gods and goddesses of poker running. It was just a small compensatory reward given out by them for having to put up with Tracy at our table.

    So, after some deep contemplation, I decided he may be right......

    But, whatever the reason, we may have to auction off seats to the highest bidder next year to sit at our table.
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    1. Wrinkleface's Avatar
      Wrinkleface -
      But the only thing I won was the company of U painz in the asses!!!!
    1. Ratickle's Avatar
      Ratickle -
      And that in itself is a greater reward then anything else you could possibly dream up......