• Run What Ya Brung Biloxi & LOTO 2014

    Courtesy Pete Boden

    Biloxi 2014 joined forces with the Lake Race at Lake of The Ozarks to bring the Run What Ya Brung class to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Every boat at the race was eligible to run, and the consensus was that Miss Geico and Cat Can Do would be the first and second place boats, if not necessarily in that order. Well, in the first race on Saturday Cat Can Do blew an engine, and Miss Geico puked a turbo and exhaust. Miss Geico barely crossed the finish line ahead of SOS Venezuela.

    At the second race on Sunday, after Miss Geico spent the night changing engines, Cat Can Do was unable to answer the starting bell. Then, on the very first lap, Miss Geico had another engine problem and had to withdraw. So, the finishing order was:

    First Place, SOS Venezuela. Here they are accepting the check for $18,000 and letting everyone know they were donating that check to help the people suffering in Venezuela with the scarcity of food and the government repression.

    Second place went to another outboard cat, S11 with Ryan on throttles and his son at the wheel. Congrats. I'm sure Ryan won't split the $10,000 check with Chris though...

    Third place, along with a check for $6000 went to Miss Geico barely edging out Octane in points over the two days with their first on Saturday and 6th on Sunday.

    Fourth place, and $4000 went to Octane Super Vee Lite.

    And fifth place went to another Super Vee Lite, Pirate Racing, along with a check for $2000.

    A two day dash for cash worth a total of $40,000, and the only Extreme boat or Super Cat to place in the money was Miss Geico. I bet there is a whole lot of race teams who are thinking they should have been there to participate for the purse. I bet a few more of them show up to run the same Run What Ya Brung event at Lake of The Ozarks in June! I believe these are the only two races in the States where the checks are handed out, signed and delivered by hand, at the awards banquet after the races are completed.
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      A Huge Purse that was actually paid out at the awards ceremony while the racers were on the stage.......