• West Michigan Performance Boat and Engine Builders

    by Serious News

    Some of the Serious Offshore Sports news team had the opportunity to visit a few of our West Michigan performance boat builders and shops. We started out the day by visiting Precision Power Offshore to see Ben Wiersum at his new location and find out what was interesting there.


    Ben had the 43 Checkmate, among others, in the shop being attended to.

    Wicked Won was not in the main shop at the time, but it is a sweet boat they are starting to build new engines for.

    Our next stop was Douglas Marine, home of Skater and the incomparable Peter Hledin.


    We met with Pete and discussed several of his current projects, the upcoming boat show, and his most and least favorite boats and issues. Then it was a tour of the shop, some picture taking and information gathering, followed by the opportunity to buy him lunch.

    More information and pictures here: http://seriousoffshore.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=23410

    The Latest Vee being built for the Miami show

    After that, off to Saber to visit with Doug Geelhoed and see how the new 28 was progressing.


    It was coming right along and will be at the Miami Boat Show.


    Then it was off to see Dave Wesseldyk at Wesco Racing Engines. http://www.wescoracingengines.com/

    His projects, as always, are very interesting.

    Plus, the Boostane is now being sold after the extreme testing they put it through. http://www.boostane.com/

    Of course, Wesco is also home to Jaws http://seriousoffshore.com/forums/sh...highlight=jaws

    and Endangered Species. http://seriousoffshore.com/forums/sh...ght=endangered

    All in all, couldn't ask for a more engaging day. The weather sucked, but that's West Michigan in January!!!!