• Behind The Scenes at Serious

    by serious admin

    People make things like this happen. And we’re fortunate enough to have a crew made up of some pretty decent one’s.

    Driving this new effort is our Publisher, Paul Rose. Most of you know Paul from his many years of activities on the various internet message boards and as one of the founder’s of SeriousOffshore. Paul is a management consultant by day and is known to most of his friends in the sport as “Mr. SVL”, stemming from his ravenous enthusiasm for that class and all of his friends competing there. Hopefully someday soon we’ll find Paul on the sticks of the newest SVL competitor with his significant other turning the wheel.

    Rounding out our cast are some familiar names. Racer/mechanic Jim Speros is here, keeping us up on not only what’s going on down in Texas, but across the sport. Plus he’s a fantastic technical resource.

    Our resident Key West correspondent and site mascot, Bobcat Mathews is here. If you find yourself in the Keys, a visit with Bobcat should be on your list.

    Tim Scovern is our guy out west, having recently relocated to Arizona.

    These are all original site Founders and some of the best people you’d ever want to spend time with.
    We will be augmenting these fine people with an ever-expanding cast of contributors. From industry notables to Field Editors. From the occasional contributor to living legends, we’ll have an ever expanding cast working behind the scenes to make the world of offshore just that much closer.
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    1. Bud Weisner's Avatar
      Bud Weisner -
      Paul I am ready to devote time to Serious Ouffshore as you asked me to do last summer. I will give it a try...call me so we can discuss possibilities. Bud 312-607-3115