• The Bravo Shop, Inc. - New Oils

    by Serious Offshore

    The Bravo Shop, Inc. recently unveiled its new synthetic marine outdrive gear oil which offers superior gear wear protection, lower operating temperatures, and less friction. “We spent over a year working with one of the top oil producers in the nation to develop a synthetic oil specifically designed for increasing the durability of marine outdrives”, said John Pfahl, owner of The Bravo Shop. When asked about the difference between his oils compared to others on the market, John stated: “We saw a need to produce oils that can stand up to the increased demands high-horsepower engines place on their internal parts as well as the stress placed on the outdrive—so far our testing has shown up to 10 degree cooler drive operating temperatures, a 2-3 mile per hour speed increase, and an decrease in gear wear over conventional oils, which is significant.”
    Formulated with grade 5 based stocks and the best extreme pressure additives on the market, the new oils are manufactured to increase longevity while lasting longer than ordinary oil. “Changing conventional outdrive oil is recommended every 20 hours, but with our oil, we recommend changing it each boating season or every 100 hours, depending on which comes first—ultimately saving customers time and money”, said John.
    For more information about The Bravo Shop, please visit us at: http://bravoshop.net/