• PF Marine Offers Custom Intercoolers

    by Serious Offshore

    PF Marine is proud to announce the addition of the following items to their product lineup:

    • Custom cut inlets and outlets on Mark 6 & Mark 6 XTREME Intercoolers
    • Custom finishes on Mark 6 & Mark 6 XTREME Intercoolers

    PF Marine is now offering their Mark 6 and Mark 6 XTREME intercoolers with custom inlets and outlets. This allows any blower with an xx-71 bolt pattern to adapt to the PF Intercooler without any modifications or adapter plates. PF Marine sales representative Jason Parvey said, “Most of our customers use the PSI 206B supercharger, but there is no reason the advantages of our intercooler cannot be put to use with any other blower. Several customers have even considered building an air box to go on top of the cooler to utilize a turbo or centrifugal supercharger.”
    All PF Marine Intercoolers come standard with a type III anodize (hard-coat/hard-anodize) finish to prevent any corrosion from happening in the water passageways of the intercoolers. The type III anodize is offered in a variety of colors (black is most common). As an option, the outside surfaces of the intercooler case can come with a satin or polished finish.

    PF Marine was founded in 1992 by Dennis Parvey and Glen Frischmon. The first product offered by PF Marine was a full length cast aluminum header. The tooling for the headers was sold to Keith Eickert Power Products in 1998 and are now sold as the “KE Thunder N’ Lightning Cast Aluminum Header” .

    In 2000, PF Marine produced an intercooler like none other. At the time, the market only offered aluminum intercoolers that would corrode and leak over a short period of time. We then came up with an industry first of using a copper core. The copper core proved to produce superior cooling and superior corrosion resistance.

    We are now in full production of our 6th generation (Mark 6) intercooler which features a core with CuproNickel water passageways and copper air fins. PF Marine is now operated by father and son, Dennis and Jason Parvey.

    PF Marine currently holds the Lake the Ozarks Shootout Track Record for the fastest pleasure vee-bottom (open cockpit, full underdeck) at 129mph (set in 2011).

    Contact info:
    Jason Parvey