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  1. Miami Boat Show

    The boat show starts this Thursday. It worked out so that Terri and I can make it down there at the last minute. We should have some really good coverage of the event and I can't wait to see the finished product of some of the boats being finished up currently. One I'm really looking forward to seeing is this 42 in the attached picture.......

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  2. OFF 2013 ...Time marches on...and so do we

    OFF 2013 at Tavares Florida is in the history books and, thanks to Bill John and his wonderful CRA volunteers, the event shows great promise for years to come. For the first time we were able to merge a truly safe flyby course with the parties, iconic characters and conviviality that is the true hallmark of OFF (Old Farts Forever). Founded by a combination of Offshore legends and Mercury racing "survivors" from decades past, the group has converged in mid autumn for each of the past 5 ...
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  3. Where do I start?

    First of all I'm from the other side of the pond - Here in England things are very different from the popular boating area in the US - our weather and general conditions are more "difficult" with colder temperatures and generally rougher water. Most of my experience is in power boating although I started off racing dinghies when I was a youngster, this is where I got my basic knowledge of boating from, I also have a commercial skippers licence (power) which is where I got my boat handling ...

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  4. Serious Information Update, October 2013

    More than a year ago I purchased to keep the site open as a friendly place where all performance boaters could chat with each other as if they were all in one of our living rooms with munchies and drinks. That was the main reason Serious was started, and the main reason it became so popular.

    After some rapid growth, many things changed in a very short time. As one of the initial founders, and one of the site moderators, I strongly felt the site's "living
  5. First Blog Post

    Our very first blog post

    One of the improvements to Serious is the new blog system. There are many of our members whom we would all like to have give us their input, and updates, on their past experiences and current escapades. Hopefully we will be able to give these people a place to keep us informed.

    The blog ability will not be allowed for all, but if you're interested in having one, we will have a special category of membership for you to be a part of. ...

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