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03-09-2018, 06:31 PM
By John Moore on 8th March 2018

As Powerboat Racing World reported last summer, Italian boat designer, builder, racer and engineer, Fabio Buzzi had built a new diesel hydroplane.

Yesterday using his Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) powered three-pointer, he set a Guinness Record* of 277.5 Km/h (172.12 mph) on Lake Como.

Buzzi beat his existing record by 25.5 km/h, (he set a UIM ratified record of 252 km/h (156.76) mph back in 1992).

FPT and Buzzi’s FB Design worked together to marinize the Cursor 16 litre engine which is used in agriculture applications, into an engine capable of developing more than 1,700 hp.

As Buzzi explained to me last year, the boat and virtually all of its rigging had been manufactured ‘in house’ at at his FB Design HQ in Brianza.

The Italian Maestro never ceases to impress.


A speed record, both for land vehicles and for boats, is carried out on the basis of one kilometer or one nautical mile. It is mandatory to complete at least two passages in both directions – one ascending and one descending – within a maximum time of one hour.

If multiple attempts have been made, the two best attempts can be chosen.

The final speed is obtained by calculating the average of these attempts.

The record is only certified if the previous one has been bettered. The previous Diesel Powerboat World Speed Record was set in 1992 by Fabio Buzzi achieving a speed of 252 km/h.

The new record was certified by the Guinness World Records, the English institution which validates new records using sophisticated measuring systems which guarantee accuracy to the thousandth of a second.

The measurements are made electronically and the physical presence of an Official Certifier, sent by the Guinness World Records, ensures that all the guidelines have been followed before the record is approved.


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