OSS in conjunction with P-1 USA would like to make the owners of all Vee bottom boats aware of your options prior to the race in Biloxi, on May 14th & 15th.

We ask you to please review the APBA Rule Book, regarding the Technical Rules for the Offshore Vee and P1 Classes. If your boat meets these specifications you can race with OSS in a Vee Class with an OSS Membership. Or if you do not meet these specifications, you may race in a Pro-Am class with OSS, with membership, or you can race with P-1 with a P-1 membership.

Owners with boats meeting the specifications for both an OSS class and a P1 class can, with current memberships of each club and paid enrty fees, race both associations

Only teams with a paid OSS 2011 Hull Registration, current OSS and APBA 2011 membership fees and having paid the correct entry fee for an OSS class will be eligible for OSS prize purse monies and OSS points. The same is true for Powerboat P1 USA, you must be a member of the club you're racing with to share purse monies and be awarded that association's points. Teams having only current 2011 APBA memberships that pay the correct entry fee for their class will be awarded APBA National Points only.

Please decide before coming into registration as we are trying to make this process as smooth as possible. It is recommended that you download the correct forms from the web site and bring them with you to Biloxi.