Hello. I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the CORSA PERFORMANCE EXHAUST Family, and in particular Jim Browning, Jr. and Craig Kohrs! The level of patience, dedication to its customers, and knowledge of its products, that I recently experienced will keep me a customer of this fine company for years to come. In sum, they were able to expedite my request for repairs and parts in such a rapid and professional manner, I didnít miss a beat of my boating season! We often hear horror stories about poor customer service and the lack of care by employees...well...not with CORSA! They were prompt, went way beyond what I could have imagined, and didn't rest until I was 100% satisfied. In fact, besides the numerous calls I received from Jim updating me on the progress of my parts, I even received a call from the Vice President of the company, Craig, just making sure this customer was satisfied...when does that happen! All in all, CORSA could not have been more caring then what I experienced so when it comes time for me to buy another exhaust system or recommend a high performance exhaust company to a fellow boater, the choice is clear...CORSA! Thanks CORSA Family and happy boating! GG