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  7. Sticky: Boden, Eye in the Sky ...

    Boden, Eye in the Sky
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  16. Sticky: Skater Nation Dock ...

    Skater Nation Dock

    Maverik, Rockett, Deal With It, Final Final, 50 Shades of Gray, Wide Load, TomCat
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  18. Sticky: Boyne Thunder Rolls Into Northern Michigan

    Boats will be roaring into Northern Michigan harbors this weekend, as Boyne Thunder Poker Run returns for its 16th year. The poker run will feature 120 different boats from around the country July...
  21. Article: Latest 46' Skater at Boyne Thunder

    You can view the page at
  22. Shane sweeps weekend and brings home the 112th...

    Shane sweeps weekend and brings home the 112th Gold Cup Trophy

    MADISON, Ind. (July 7, 2019)—U-6 “Miss HomeStreet/Miss Madison” and the hydroplane’s driver Jimmy Shane from Maple Valley, Wash. had...
  23. Gold Cup race returns to Madison Regatta this...

    Gold Cup race returns to Madison Regatta this weekend

    MADISON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Teams and fans are gearing up for another great weekend of racing at the Madison Regatta. This year feels a little...
  24. Unlimited Hydro Gold Cup trophy race on Ohio River

    MADISON, Ind. (July 3, 2019)—Seven H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series race boats will begin testing and qualifying Friday for Saturday and Sunday’s Madison Regatta American Power Boat...
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    Bermuda's Fourth Round of 2019

    Second-hand cat purrs when it matters most
    Colin Thompson

    Steven Eversley and co-pilot Brandon Franks made a grand entrance to the S Class during the fourth round of the powerboat racing season...
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