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  1. New SEVEN MARINE engines on Display at LATHAM's Booth, Miami Boat Show

    "Here's a quick behind the scenes look at the set up at the Miami Boat Show and the new Seven Marine Latham-blue engines that will be on display in booth I-100. See you there!"
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    Spiced Rum III to SKA Championship!

    Latham Marine Steers Spiced Rum III to Division 8 SKA Championship
    -- Team takes Top Lady Angler, Largest King in Summer Slam

    “Go with what you know.” It’s good advice whether you’re selecting...
  3. Spiced Rum III Mixed Results in Saltwater Showdown

    Pompano, FL -- It was a series of near misses for Capt. Bill Wummer and the crew of the Spiced Rum III in the recent Pompano Beach Saltwater Showdown, the final leg of the Pompano Beach Saltwater...
  4. Listen to Sun Sentinel's interview w Spiced Rum Fishing

    Listen for Steve Waters, Sun Sentinel's Outdoor writer and radio host as he talks with Spiced Rum III's Captain, Bill Wummer about SKAfishing and this weekend's Big Dog & Fat Cat Tournament! Listen...
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    Steering Upgrade Time?

    It's summer time! Prime boating season all over the country and you may want to consider a Latham Marine Steering upgrade to your current steering system. It’s cheaper than a new boat and will give...
  6. Spiced Rum III Steers to Victory in Saltwater Slam

    Capt. Bill Wummer and the Spiced Rum III fishing team had a slam-bang time at the recent Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam Fishing Tournament, part of the Southern Kingfish Association circuit.

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    Spiced Rum III gets 2 out of 3!

    Spiced Rum III Two of Three in SKA Frances Langford Memorial

    Captain Bill Wummer and the Spiced Rum III Fishing Team had a solid performance in the recent Frances Langford Memorial Tournament,...
  8. Take a THRILLING RIDE with SEVEN Marine's 557s!

    Thrilling Video: Take a Ride with Seven Marine's 557 hp Outboards | Sport Fishing

    ..."When equipped with two or more 557 outboards and a bow-thruster, a boat can also employ a joystick-control...
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    Latham Marine Made the Morning News!

    Check it out here! Family-owned boat shop stays afloat | News - Home
  10. A Man, An VIB (Very Important Bracelet) and a....CAR????

    A Man, a Bracelet and a Car
    Latham Marine: All American -- from their parts to their hearts

    The etching is barely visible, rubbed nearly smooth from more than 20-years of wear. But Eric Dallin...
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    The TODAY Show on a Cigarette!

    When The Today Show's camera crew scouted the Miami International Boat Show for footage for their <> Miami spotlight on the South Beach Food & Wine...
  12. Cigarette AND Miami Boat Show Coverage on French TV!

    LE JT &ndash; N°16 &ndash; Spécial Miami
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    Nice Article in Power & Motoryacht !

    Very nice write on the Huntress in Power & Motoryacht Magazine -- Cigarette 42 Huntress
  14. Stuart Hayim and John Tomlinson Break the Existing Record Around Long Island – 2 Hours, 11 Minutes

    Latham Steers Straight to the Record!

    When you're trying to break a speed record, you don't want to break your steering. Latham Marine's steering system was the choice for Stuart Hayim's new 42...
  15. Cigarette's New Website has Launched -- Still Sexy...

    'The Cigarette Difference' Takes Shape

    Miami, FL -- Cigarette Racing Team, a brand built on a combination of sex appeal and high-caliber power, launched its new Cigarette Racing Team website. The...
  16. Cigarette Invites Owners to a SMOKIN' Private Getaway


    The World Champion Cigarette Racing Team would like to cordially invite Cigarette owners to gather in Destin on Florida's...
  17. Cool! Latham Marine Named EXCELLENT in Sounding Trade Mag. Got a pic YOU can send?

    Latham Marine was cited as "Excellence in Steering, Controls and Trim Tabs for 40 years" ! Got a pic of Latham Parts on your boat? Please send to!
  18. Amanda Latham does her Dad, Bob Latham PROUD!

    Amanda Latham, daughter of Bob and Kathy Latham does her parents PROUD at the Miami Boat Show!

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    Cigarette is HOT in Miami!

    Miami Boat Show -- The Cigarette Racing Team came to the Miami Boat Show with the theme, "The Cigarette Difference" to demonstrate its commitment to perfection, performance and quality. Each boat...
  20. Thanks! We thought so too! It's allows you to...

    Thanks! We thought so too! It's allows you to launch single-handedly!
  21. MYCO Trailers Goes Sailing with Protector Boats --Chase Boat Finds MYCO Up to Strong Standards

    While MYCO Trailers has built its long-standing reputation for quality and reliability in the performance, fishing and military boat markets, it has now added the recreational/racing Rigid Inflatable...
  22. Cigarette Racing Team Shows "How They Do It" on the Science Channel

    Miami, FL -- Last year, the UK-based WAG TV crew Science Channel Logo visited Cigarette Racing Team to capture the essence of powerboat building for The Discovery Channel's popular show, "How They Do...
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    Latham give a BIG SHOUT-OUT!

    Latham Marine Congratulates the 2011 SBI World Champions!

    7 Reasons Why WINNERS Choose Latham:

    Miss Geico - Turbine
    J.D. Byrider - Superboat 850
    Peters & May - Superboat Stock
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    Cigarette Racing on Euro TV

    European Cigarette Racing Team fans will get the first look at TV show “How They Do It,” done by British film crew WAG-TV on a recent visit to the US to film at Cigarette’s factory. The show will...
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    Cigarette Racing on Euro TV

    European Cigarette Racing Team fans will get the first look at TV show “How They Do It,” done by British film crew WAG-TV on a recent visit to the US to film at Cigarette’s factory. The show will...
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