• Skater 3312, Part 3 - Third Time's a Charm?

    Well, some things just never seem to get settled. This is the third iteration of one of the sweetest boats built. This Skater 3312 started out as a beast nicknamed the "Silver Bullet" with its speeds of over 160 mph due to its Sterling power and Arneson drives.

    Part 1[/B] http://seriousoffshore.com/forums/co...akedown-Cruise

    Photo Courtesy Pete Boden

    But, the boat was so crazy fast for its size, nobody stepped up to the plate to buy it. So, a purchaser wanted the boat tamed down with 565's and Bravo's. That was iteration 2. The speed was definitely tamed down.

    But, it was a little too tame, and Bravo's didn't seem to like to live for very long. So, third iteration is now heading for dial in.

    With 700's and #6's, dial-in should be a lot of fun.

    No idea what the top speed will be when the boat is done getting its final setup. With the big rains, only very slow speeds were attempted. Too much big floating crap in the water. Third set of engines, third set of drives, and third set of hatches. Fun!!

    It certainly came up on plane no problem. So, time will tell.

    Any guesses?
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      First report on tests, sweet and is really strong.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Ratickle View Post
      First report on tests, sweet and is really strong.
      It started out strong. This is a cautionary tale.
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      Good point.

      Yesterday they said they are still tweaking it a bit, and want to try some more setup adjustments, but the boat appears to be "perfect" with the power and drive combination.
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      Pretty serious tunnel tab.