• Bobkat Offshore Racing "STIHL" 2015, Past, Present, and Future

    A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to chat with Bob "JR" Noble, Mark Kowalski, and Dave Hutchinson while they were visiting Skater to check up on both of their team's boats. It was a slight bit colder up here than in Florida when they left. (Mark just had to drive over from Ohio).

    The current boat, damaged in Key West as most will remember, was almost ready to take home for final rigging to be ready for the Cocoa Beach race. Dave was able to take it back south to TNT the next day for final assembly, rigging, and testing.


    "Bumping" with Broadco in Key West

    Oops, Drive flopping on the end of the tiebar

    As we were discussing while they were up here, I still cannot believe the tiebar held up to the immense forces of the broken drive flopping on the end of it.

    When the damaged boat was received at Skater they needed to fix the transom and scuffs caused by the "competitiveness" of the class.


    Repair and in the paint booth.


    Getting really close to heading out. Final buff, polish, and assemble.

    The new boat has a long way to go yet, but we will put up pictures from the build, then add more as progress is made until completion. We've seen the first six design renderings of the paint possibilities, glad we're not having to make the final decision! It will be very interesting to see what JR decides on. He was discussing the designs with the artist for tweaking while in town.


    In the mold, ready for pulling, January 27th.

    Finishing up the widening to the class rules, April 8th.

    Bottom escape hatch, April 18th while reviewing. JR says no problem getting through it if necessary. Hopefully it never has to be used.

    Back right-side up for what comes next, May 8th.

    We will continue to follow the build and keep everyone up to date as progress continues. We are hoping the Stihl Offshore Race Team has another good season. The Supercat/Superboat Class has certainly improved since the advent of the new rules a couple years ago. Hopefully they will continue to grow so we can watch the intense competition within the class.
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      Awesome....looks like the Performance Boat Center 388 will be ready for Key West!
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      "Awesome....looks like the Performance Boat Center 388 will be ready for Key West! "

      Take a peek!!

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      Spraying clear coat.
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      Looking Good!
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