• Who Is Joe Offshore?

    by Serious Offshore

    Joe Offshore
    We all know him.
    He’s that guy. Been there, done that, got the shirt.

    In reality Joe Offshore is a little bit of many people in this sport. He’s an enthusiast, he’s a boater, he’s an industry guy and alot of times he’s a racer. And sometimes… well, you know.

    How many times have you heard the line? “I’d tell you but some of these people are still alive.” For our purposes, that’s who Joe is. There are way too many stories out there to continue to remain untold, so Joe is here to tell them. So when you see one of Joe’s stories, “Joe” could be one of many people. Some of you might recognize the story and even have a clue to who Joe (or at least that day’s Joe) really is. We’re not telling. Are they all true stories? We hope so. But you know how it goes. It takes the passage of time for a good story to become a great story. Like wine, they get better with age. We’ll do our best to make sure the stories Joe tells are as legit as possible. We won’t be printing anything from a Joe that we don’t trust.

    We hope you enjoy Joe.

    Our Joe for this installment takes a trip down memory lane, back to Key West 1984. If you were around in ‘84 you may still have your linen slacks, your pastel t-shirt and your white Versace jacket. So dig out your Wayfarers and enjoy.