• Reggie Returns, This Time With a New Title.

    by SeriousOffshore

    Reggie Fountain not only found his way onto our 11 from 2011 list, he missed a podium finish by just one spot, coming in at #4. Always the competitor, Reggie is off to a strong start in 2012 and it looks like he’s aiming to best his performance in 2012.

    Just a few days ago, the new Fountain venture, Fountain Performance Marine made a boat show splash with the introduction of their website.
    Reggie Fountain isn’t the kind of guy that makes any announcement that’s going to get lost in the fray and this time isn’t any different. Who could miss…

    Some years back, the late Michael Jackson decided he was going to be “The King of Pop”. Since no one at that time had yet laid claim to that title, he must have figured “why not?” It would be tough to argue that he didn’t have the talent to defend it. A few years later, Howard Stern pulled a page from Michael’s playbook and announced himself to be “The King of All Media”, and for a while it looked like he just might be. So is there any reason Reggie Fountain can’t lay claim to being the King of Offshore? If there is, who’s going to tell him? While you can smirk at his bestowment of this title upon himself, who else out there has the street cred to claim ownership is theirs and not his?

    One of the first things we noticed were some offerings from the new venture, the first of which is the “Fountain Experience”. While on the surface it appears to be hands-on, one on one training by Reggie himself, one line in the promo perked our ears up. The line was “Earn a weekend here”. Is Reggie thinking of a water version of the famed Richard Petty Driving Experience?

    Aside from the storage, brokerage and boat services we knew FPM would be offering, something new is the “Factory Certified” program. Offered to service customers as well as those brokering their boats through FPB, it’s being billed as an all-points inspection.
    As has been rumored for some time, there’s a section for Reggie’s new boat offerings. Listed are a 43 foot vee, a 40 cat and two open models at 32 and 39 feet. According to the site they’ll be branded Fountain Custom Boats. Rounding out the offerings the site lists built-to-order performance engines. While no details on the boats or engines are being offered yet via the site, we can only assume we’ll be hearing more in short order.
    With the new venture comes a new look, which of course requires a new logo. Fountain describes the logo as “Three straight, jagged curves, coming together to form one”, symbolic of the new venture being comprised of three Fountains, Reggie, Wyatt and Reggie III. We’re not entirely sure what a straight, jagged curve really is, but they do have some unmistakable similarity to the original Fountain lightning logo. Between the logo and the apparent discard of the “Real Fast” name Reggie introduced last year, we have to wonder how the naming of his product Fountain Custom will sit with those who own the now-shuttered Fountain brand.

    Not only has the Fountain team put together an impressive and striking website, Reggie now has his own Twitter feed. For those of you that have been itching for the opportunity to “tweet” the most recognizable man in offshore powerboating, here’s your chance- @KingofOffshore.
    As always, we wish Reggie and his sons the best of luck with the new venture. You can absolutely expect to be hearing more from this bunch.

    For now, pay the new Fountain Performance Marine site a visit- http://fountainperformancemarine.com/