• Boyne Thunder 2012, One of the Reasons Performance Boats Exist, Part 2 of 2

    by SeriousOffshore

    After a great lunch at the Weather Vane in Charlevoix, it was time to head back to the marina to run the second half of the course. While getting ready to go, we found out that the 12 boat raft off at the marina was a new record according to the harbor master, (the old record being held by sailboats at one of their events, can’t let that stand!!!!), so another “number one” record for Boyne Thunder 2012!

    Anyway, great weather and gorgeous water said it was time to get those sweet Verado’s in gear. Getting away from the docks ended up being easier than first thought. We were boat #2 out of a 6 boat raft off. The first boat in the raft was the start patrol for the Lake Michigan restart. But, right after we worked him free, everyone from every boat came back so the entire group left at the same time. Love it when a plan comes together!

    Idled out through the Pine Lake River Channel, hit the big lake, and headed north. Evidently some of the others had caught on to our head start program for the first half of the run, because we did not go very far until we saw some of the other boats heading back south to Lake Charlevoix. I got a few decent opportunities for shots as they went by, but after looking at the results, I’ve come to the conclusion that a boat running at around 70, shooting pictures of boats going by at that speed or greater, isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish and have a decent photo, let alone a boat even in the picture!

    The first stop on the northern leg was Bay Harbor, with about the nicest group of gorgeous homes, many with boat houses built in, ever seen in any state on any lake. Also some sweet boats out front of several.

    After picking up our third “lucky” card there, off north to the Harbor Springs stop. Another beautiful harbor with great vistas all around for sightseeing and opportunities to shoot a few more photos. Picked up our “lucky” fourth card, headed out the no wake zone, then headed south towards the entrance to Lake Charlevoix and the last card stop before the unwind stop at Sommerset.

    Once again had the opportunity for some decent shots, but the water had decided to kick up a bit. What a Catch 22 on that, made for some better possible shots, but less of a chance to make them. Triple B decided that since the other “Offshore” boats seemed to be slowing a bit in the mixed up water, it may be time to let the big ol’ fishing boat eat. I can say it did it well, and I didn’t even fall overboard. Well done Nor-Tech 39, congrats to them on a well designed piece.

    We made our way through the no wake zones of the Pine River Channel and Round Lake, then headed for the final card stop up Lake Charlevoix at Horton Bay, (We did not hear the “who” or see Horton though).There was a great raft-up of large boats there to welcome us to the card stop, and we picked up our “lucky” final card.

    Then southeast across the lake to Sommerset Point for a short unwinding ceremony, (a couple drinks and some snacks), turn in the cards, and head back to Boyne City for the evenings reception.

    The food at dinner was outstanding with some great prime rib among other eats, (including several pig-heaven deserts). And the cards were all reviewed for the three winners. Remember I said we were picking up our “Lucky” cards, well they may not have been exactly ours, but our co-runners ended up with the third place hand. Congrats to Carl and Diane. Big smile!!!!!

    The other winners,
    1st – Glenn Fuller. “Fuller Express”
    2nd – Wayne Kuerth.

    I cannot say enough about the Poker Run or the organization. The way they pull this off without hardly a hitch speaks volumes about the quality of those who make the event, and those it helps by assisting with rides and money. “The event went extremely well and we appreciate all the support we receive. Unlike a lot of events, this is all volunteer driven. No paid staff. We have a great group of people who give a lot of their time and energy to make it successful.” Hugh

    They have assisted Camp Quality with over $220,000 prior to this event. Listening to a couple of those they have assisted speak at the reception brings a lump to your throat. Talk about a small world, here is a comment from our friend Bob about how the organization ended up hitting so very close to home in his own life. “About the time I got involved with Camp Quality my cousins daughter from Ludington had leukemia. We would go out to the summer camp and take the kids for a ride in the antique cars, as Boyne Thunder got started we would give kids a ride on Friday of Boyne Thunder, Tracy has been doing this now. It is a great cause , but if you have never been to one of the camps they put on for the sick children, you just can’t appreciate how special it really is!!! My cousins daughter got married 3 weeks ago and has been cancer free for over 10 years.” Bob Mathers

    Well, until next year for the next run, but the charity work they have accomplished will last year ‘round.
    As an afterthought, you hear me talk about the Pine River Channel, Lake Charlevoix actually used to be named Pine Lake until some French explorer guy got it renamed after himself by staying on Fisherman’s Island during a storm. “au revoir”