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  1. Competitive, Even in the Shop!!!

    Still a contest to see who's in front!!

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  2. Enough power for a 21'?

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    Updated 03-22-2015 at 08:57 AM by Ratickle

  3. JIm Lee's little Skater in for tweaking.....

  4. New builds at Skater

    Every visit to Skater something new is being worked on in different areas of the facility. Some Top Secret, some okay to let out. Here's a new build okay to let out.

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  5. Miami Boat Show

    Had a great time at the Miami Boat Show, then headed a ways north to visit with friends in Vero Beach and look at some properties up there for sale. Much nicer weather than here.

    We did have some time to spend on the beach at the hotel in Miami and caught a couple of boats running the Atlantic.

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    Had a great time chatting with Charlie McCarthy, Billy Moore, Gino, and many others. Stay tuned for updates on products and people ...
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