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I Luv SG's...

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They were seized the day we were leaving the OSS Championships.

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They were seized the day we were leaving the OSS Championships.

Writing was on the wall with the overall business model for some time. I think the bank has taken over these properties at a price that with a rebound will make some financial sense. They could cut the prices on the condos at the resort in half and lease dock space at marina for a normal rate and make it fly I would think. The biggest problem is changing the attitude and atmosphere of the restaurant/club to a new venue with some positive following. After all, it is a great location and a great facility, just doing some of the other things wrong!!! Obviously, just go across the cove and you can witness someone doing it the right way, i.e., catering to the customers and letting them know you appreciate your business. Anyway, good luck to the new management, it is a big project and I look forward to a few "pain-in-the-azzes" and a few good bands there in the future. BTW, this follows the burn-down of his awesome house at around the 18mm when it caught fire and was remarked that security would not cooperate with the Fire Department to put it out. I think that was in the Sunlake paper.

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I liked the Toad, good luck to the new mgmt