View Full Version : 2010 Cig 20 Regatta

Tommy Gun
12-21-2009, 10:12 AM
We are starting to plan our 6th annual 20 foot Cig Regatta much earlier this year in hopes that we get reservations in and get more of those 20s we see many of you have spent a lot of money and time restoring.

The plan for 2010 is go to the Lake of the Ozarks; we will be doing our runs on Sep 18, 2010 with possible some events on the 17th for those that roll in early. Some rooms have been reserverd at Toadcove Resort. The new management gave us a great group rate. It is a first class place and they also have slips for us, you can check it out at www.toadcove.com their phone is 573-365-5620 to make reservations. Before you make a reservation please call Mike Baldwin at 734-231 5845 so he can give you the group number and more info. He will also keep a head count in case more rooms are needed. Rocky and Mike plan on coming down on the 13th if any one cares to join us and do a little extra boating, feel free. Mike will also try to keep us informed thru-out the summer on how the even is coming along, we have five 20s signed up allready...this is going to be the best yet.

PS We hope to get some of the Donzi group to come as they have really made it a lot fun for us by including us in thier events over the years, thanks!

Other small boats are welcome as well but we want to keep it to 24 feet max.

02-18-2010, 06:48 AM
As this approaches I'll watch more closely as I would be intersted in attending, I'm sure more details will follow as the event comes closer. Steve