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10-07-2009, 05:03 PM
Enjoy Everyone:



10-07-2009, 06:38 PM
To Haggin:

I witnessed things with my own eye's this past weekend everyone, that astonished me! On Thursday, seeing Haggin sitting in the sun signing posters and flyers, for anyone and everyone at the press conference. He was still there after 90% of the people were already in the parking lot! Then more on Friday, all afternoon and evening. Again at it, on Sunday after the races!

The sight of the way the Miss Geico Team was interacting with the public in general, not just VIP's and friends or family! They were available, real and genuine to every walk of life...

For the people of Clearwater who didn't know what to expect, to have the smiling faces and warm acceptance handed to them from this gracious team of people! I was astonished, and touched deeper than I can describe here, in words!

I worried months ago about what I was instigating and possibly inflicting upon my community! With the memory of the sight of a family of 4, I saw walking hand in hand leaving the park, along the water front... two little girls in tow, with there Miss Geico rope sacks thrown over there shoulders...

I saw Marc Granet on top of Miss Geico showing little kids down inside the 'missile', Haggin calls it! Scott B. signing autographs and posing for pictures for anyone, just ask him!

Someone said "Ray, it's not worth it!" I can tell anyone now, it's worth it, seeing what I saw, with my own eyes.

Thank you John Haggin, and everyone on the Miss Geico Team, for such a display of generosity and affection for our community.

Ray Pusillo

2009 Clearwater Super Boat
National Championships